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Fire Safes

Here’s an interesting piece we recently came across regarding fire safes, and it touches on asbestos. As we know all too well today, asbestos used to be used in many materials for fireproofing, but the irony ended up being that the very substance used for health and safety purposes ended up being the hazard.

Asbestos removal is a huge industry today, such is the risk posed, and as the below highlights, it’s not just walls and roofing that can be problematic and need attention.

I have heard a lot about fire safes, and I suppose I should go out and get one. There are many things in my home that I wouldn’t want to lose in the case of a fire. There are other things that are essential to life that I most certainly don’t want to have to replace, such as birth certificates and the like. Everyone needs to have one, and if you don’t, you might end up regretting that you never took the time to pick one out to bring home.

I think some fire safes used to be made with asbestos, though I’m not sure that is legal any longer. In fact for the last couple of decades, building with asbestos has been unlawful. Asbestos has been proven to cause cancer, so you may not be able to get one with it included, though it is known to be fire resistant. Today, there are other materials they use to make fire safes, and if they say they will withstand a fire, you can be sure they will. However, if you have any doubts, you can always look them up online to see which ones others recommended.

There are many things you can put in fire safes, and the size you need will be up to you. I know that not only do I want to protect our personal papers; there are other things that I want to include that have value to me. I have ticket stubs from a very special event that I never want to lose, as well as some other memorabilia that I don’t ever want to part with. We all have stuff like that and unless you have it in a safe deposit box at the bank, you need to look into fire safes so that you know you aren’t going to lose it if the unthinkable happens.

Though you may not think of fire safes as great gifts, you might find that someone who doesn’t have one will be delighted to get one. If you know someone who is very hard to shop for, this might be an idea you can mull over. You might want to ask someone close to them if they do indeed one before you go looking for fire safes for them though. If they have one, they won’t really have a use for another one. If they don’t though, you have given them a very valuable gift. You have given them the gift of security.